I'm looking for potential PhD students. In Denmark you need to have a masters degree to apply but if you are interested in working with me, feel free to contact me.

Past students include graduate students Pedro Sanches (KTH, January 2015), Lisa Cowan and undergraduate student Juliana Tashiro. I have also advised Nis Bornoe, an exchange student from Copenhagen University. Another past student is Christine Ma.


Unfortunately syllabi at ITU are not available to people without ITU login, since we use our own internal LearnIT system. But I am always happy to share course descriptions and syllabi, just email me and I'll send copies.

2018-2019: User Experience, The IT University of Copenhagen. I am in charge of the new specialization of UX at the graduate degree of Digital Design and Interactive Technologies and teach two of the specialization courses. These courses are no longer available to undergraduate students.

User Experience, The IT University of Copenhagen, graduate masters course (but available to undergrads).

2015 and 2016:
Theories and Methods of Studying Connective Media (graduate course), Cornell Tech. Syllabus here.

Research methods (undergrad), Stockholm University, Fall 2012, Fall 2014
Software Project Management (undergrad), Stockholm University, Spring 2013

At UCSD, in the spring and fall quarter 2008, I taught the course 'Theories and Methods for Studying Everyday Technologies' (COHI 175DA) in the department of Communication at UCSD. The course website for the latest version of the course is here.

Fall 2007 I taught 'Communication and Computers', also in the Communication Department. The wiki is still here.

At University of Glasgow I taught part of Interactive Systems 3 the fall semesters of 2005 and 2006. Details of my part of the course can be found at the IS3 Website

In the spring semester of 2004 I taught part a course on mobility and ubiquitous computing at ITU: Location-Based Mobile Applications. I was focusing on the design of mobile and tangible user interfaces.

In spring 2002 I taught the course "Mobile and Global User Interfaces". It focused on teaching students to design and implement User Interfaces for handheld, wireless devices in WML and Java.