Conference Papers

Kulyk, O., Britton-Steele, L., Paja, E., Duckert, M. and Barkhuus, L. "You have been in Close Contact with a Person Infected with COVID-19 and you may have been Infected": Understanding Privacy Concerns, Trust and Adoption in Mobile COVID-19 Tracing Across Four Countries. To appear in Proceedings of ACM Human-Computer Interact. 6, MobileHCI, Article 204 (September 2022), 27 pages. [pdf]

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Barkhuus, L. Context Information vs. Sensor Information: A Model for Categorizing Context in Context-Aware Mobile Computing. Paper in the proceedings of Collaborative Technologies and Systems 2003 in San Diego. [pdf]

Journal Papers

Inie, N., Barkhuus, L. and Brabrand, C. Interacting with academic readings - A comparison of paper and laptop. 2021. Social Sciences & Humanities Open 4 (1), 100226. Elsevier. [pdf]

Barkhuus, L. and Wohn, Y. Making the City My Own: Uses and Practices of Mobile Location Technologies for Exploration of a New City. Personal and Ubiquitous Computing. Springer, April 2019, Volume 23, Issue 2, pp. 269Ð 278. 2019. [pdf]

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Book Chapters

Brown, B. and Barkhuus, L. Changing practices of family television watching. In Harper, R. (eds) Connected Home. Springer, 2012.

Barkhuus, L., Mobile Networked Text Communication: The case of SMS and its Influence on Social Interaction. Chapter in Heilesen and Jensen (eds.): Designing for Networked Communication: Strategies and Development. Idea Group Publishing, 2006. [pdf]

Selected posters, workshops and other papers

Rostami, A., Rossitto, C., McMillan, D., Spence, J., Taylor, R., Hook, J., Williamson, J. and Barkhuus, L. Glimpses of the future: designing fictions for mixed-reality performances. Interactions 25, 1 (December 2017), 46-51. ACM Press.

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Barkhuus, L. and Jorgensen, T. Engaging the Crowd at Large Musical Events. Work in progress, presented at CHI 2008, Florence, Italy. [pdf]

Barkhuus, L. and Brown, B. The Comforting Television - When the Sense of Safety Means Knowing your Show is Always Available. Workshop paper in Ubicomp 2006 workshop: W9: Nurturing Technologies in the Domestic Environment: Feeling Comforted, Cared for, and Connected at Home, Irvine, CA, 18. September 2006.

Barkhuus, L., Rode, J. and Bell, G. Entertainment Media at Home: Looking at the Social Aspects. Workshop at CHI 2006, Montreal, 22. April 2006.[pdf]

Barkhuus, L. Why Everyone Loves to Text Message: social management with SMS. Poster presented at GROUP 2005. Sanibel Island, FL, USA. [pdf]

Barkhuus, L., Ubiquitous Computing on the Run: Motivating Fitness by Computing Technology. Workshop paper in the UbiComp 2005 Workshop: W10: Monitoring, Measuring, and Motivating Exercise: Ubiquitous Computing to Support Physical Fitness, Tokyo, Japan. [pdf]

Brown, B. and Barkhuus, L. Technology and geography: some work in progress. Workshop paper in ECSCW 2005 workshop: Settings for Collaboration: the Role of Place, Paris, France. [pdf]

Barkhuus, L., Privacy in Location-Based Services, Concern vs. Coolness. Workshop paper in Mobile HCI 2004 workshop: Location System Privacy and Control, Glasgow, UK, September 2004. [pdf]

Barkhuus, L. and Vallgarda, A. Smart Home in your Pocket. Interactive Poster in Proceedings of UbiComp 2003. [pdf]

Barkhuus, L. Ubiquitous Computing: Transparency in Context-Aware Mobile Computing. Doctoral Consortium at UbiComp 2002 in Gothenburg. [pdf]